Monday, June 05, 2006

4 months old

I can hardly believe that my daughter will be 4 months old on Wednesday, June 7. Sadly, that means her 4 month check up is two days away, which is dreaded due to the CDC's shot schedule. I have to make a decision. Do I stay mum and allow ANN to get all 4 shots and get sick again for 10 days? Or do I speak up and ask to have the shots split up, taking the risk of ANN being sick on two separate occassions? Ironically, last year on June 7 I was having a retrieval. This year I will be finding out how much Anastasia has grown.


Blogger JennaM said...

My SIL splits shots, and is totally unapologetic about it. I'm more of a wuss, but Nate did not have fever for longer than a day. I am, however, switching Drs, b/c at Nate's 2-month, all the Dr did was tell me what I'm doing wrong (after, that is, she made a skeptical comment about our adoption situation). So, he'll get a 5-month instead of a 4, because I've been so timid about going in to get his medical records and explaining why I'm switching. Why did I think my medical karma would all fall into place after I left the RE's clutches???

Stick to your guns, if you can, Jen. You'll feel better when it's all over I'm sure.

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