Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nursery Progress Is Slowly Being Made

A little over a week ago I stopped by a local baby specialty store after school that I had recently heard about. I had mentioned it to my SIL, who checked it out on a day she had to take off. She told me that the store was beautiful.

Well, I was very fortunate. I walked into the store Child of Mine and saw a variety of cribs and dressers. In fact, there was even a selection of beautiful conversion cribs at the entrance. One of the store owners came to help me right away. We discussed what my dh and I are looking for in a crib. Basically, I told her I was looking for a conversion crib in a darker stain that had a curve to the headboard. Pam, the store owner, showed me both pine and hardwood versions, and told me about the differences in durability and finish on both. I was actually rather impressed with myself for being educated enough about furniture that I had been correct in knowing basically what I wanted from the beginning.

Pam spent an hour with me. She sent me home with tear sheets for all of the cribs that met my criteria. She circled the available finishes we had discussed on each tear sheet, and included the prices for the crib, conversion kits, combo units, and several other items. She assured me that any of the cribs could be ordered, but it would take between six and eight weeks to receive them. She also sent me home with information about crib mattresses, an area where dh and I needed a lot of help.

I will admit that at one point I actually burst into tears. I was partially relieved to find someone who was knowledgeable and willing to help me. It was great to have someone who was willing to listen to my ideas and give me feedback about how I envisioned the nursery.

That night I showed dh the information, and we managed to agree on one of the cribs. The following Saturday we returned to Child of Mine and ordered a Munire brand Newport style crib in cherry, along with a conversion kit, combo unit, five-drawer dresser, and a Colgate mattress. Basically, we spent a fortune. Thank goodness dh's parents had offered to purchase the crib for us, which helped a lot.

So, we are expecting our furniture to arrive at the beginning of January. I can't wait! I just hope it arrives in one piece, since Pam told me that sometimes items can get smashed in transit. She assured me that if something horrible happened, and the baby arrived before the crib, that the store would make sure we had something to put our baby to sleep in until our crib arrives in one piece.

Things are coming along. Yesterday the crib set and lamp that my Dad had ordered for us came in. Now I can finally make a decision on what color to paint the nursery, and I'm thinking it will be a very pale pink. I can't wait for the transformation to begin.

Not everything has been so fantastic this week. We had a fire drill at school, and unfortunately I fell down. Basically, we have to walk a quarter of a mile uphill to get to our safe zone, which is becoming more difficult with each passing month. I stepped on a pine cone while looking behind me to make sure my students were following appropriately. My foot rolled to the side and I just wasn't able to regain my balance. I crumpled over onto my left side like a limp ragdoll, scraping my knee and the back of my left hand.

I was so embarrassed and upset that I had tears in my eyes. I remembered reading that an injury would have to be so bad as to require a trip to the ER before it was likely to hurt the baby, so I was trying not to panic. Anyway, my students and two neighboring teachers were doing enough panicking for me.

My hip, forearm, and back were very sore after the fall, and I was exhausted for the remainder of the day. I had planned on working late that afternoon on referrals, but by the end of the day I had to go home asap. I kicked back in the recliner for the remainder of the night, except for when I heated something in the microwave to eat for dinner because dh had a late meeting. Fortunately, Anastasia had one of her most active nights ever, and I could feel her kick a lot. It was a relief to know that things were okay.

I retired the shoes that I fell in. It turns out that I fell in them last year at the end of our rock driveway while getting the mail. In fact, I fell on my left side that time too. I love the shoes, but I'm just not sure when it will be safe for me to wear them again. It's not so easy to fall after turning 30.


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