Monday, October 17, 2005

Registering and Mini Panic Attacks

Just over a week ago my older SIL and I went to Babies R Us so that I could start making decisions about which items to select for Anastasia. We had so much fun, and were probably in the store for about four hours while I looked at everything. I ended up leaving with a chocolate colored diaper bag with a dragon print on it, a pale pink baby hat, and a baby book.

However, looking at baby gear has only fueled my insomnia. Now, I can't sleep because I worry about whether or not I have made the best choices. I spend hours reading reviews. I never thought I would be so stressed about making these decisions, but it seems like I feel that the nursery has to be *perfect* after waiting so long to get to this point.

Dh agreed to go with me last week to actually register, and I had him test multiple items trying to determine which would be easiest to use. I don't want to get a travel system that's going to leave me crying in the parking lot. I had liked the appearance of the Eddie Bauer models, but dh found them to be the most difficult to take apart and reassemble. We're currently registered for a stroller that costs in the ball park of $250, which is fueling my panic attacks. Dh could hardly believe we spent three and a half hours registering for baby items. I tried to remind him it took less time than an IUI.

I worry about what we are going to do if people don't drive across the baby to Babies R Us. More and more people are refusing to make the trip now that we have a new mall in our area. Babies R Us and Sam's Club are about the only major stores that we don't have. I freak out thinking about how expensive all of the baby items are, and it will be much harder to purchase a lot of it ourselves after paying for IVF out of pocket. I've now found another reason to be relieved that we are having a singleton, even though I still shed tears at the loss of one of our embryos.

I am happy to report that dh and I managed to agree on a crib set, and it's one that doesn't involve Winnie the Pooh or Snoopy. We have decided upon the Kids Line Pink Toile crib set. Now, I can't wait until we are able to start getting the nursery ready.


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