Thursday, May 11, 2006

1st round of shots

Anastasia had her shots at her two month appt in April. (4 shots total) Since shots made me very sick when I was little I told her ped that I wanted to split them up. Like an idiot, I let the ped convince me that Anastasia would be okay when she told me that only a handful of her patients have had a fever for more than a day. Well, Anastasia had a fever for ten days and the ped's office hardly seemed to care. So, I've learned to follow my instincts as a Mom. I also learned that my daughter likes both grape and cherry Tylenol. However, I recommend finding the dye free cherry because it got all over my daughter's clothes. Thankfully it washed out easily.

3 month update

Anastasia and I are doing well. She turned 3 months old this week, and I can't believe my time at home with her is half over. I dread the return to work, but that's a post in itself. Anastasia is cooing more than ever, and I'm convinced her voice is the loveliest sound I have ever heard. She is also holding her head up well, so I have ordered a Bumbo seat for her, which should arrive today. She smiled at me this week when I walked into the room while she was swinging. She has never smiled in her swing before. However, I'm convinced she must like her swing since she seldom cries while she is in it. She has grown enough now that she can finally wear some of her 3 to 6 month clothes. I adore my daughter, but she is certainly keeping me busy!