Sunday, October 30, 2005

October Update: A Crib Crisis

Dh and I have spent a lot of time the last two weeks trying to do something to turn our room filled with random odds and ends into a nursery. The crib set is on its way, and I already have a few accessories to match the crib set, including curtains, a Diaper Genie cover, and border. I have chosen a mobile, since the one that matches the crib set is rather dull, and the mobile should be here soon. Hopefully it will match as well as I am thinking it will.

Dh and I even went over to Babies R Us over a week ago to pick out a crib and dresser/changing table. We actually managed to agree on one that would best suit our needs. The problem is, none of the furniture items are in the warehouse, and apparently you can't order something that's not in the warehouse. As a matter of fact, the assistant manager told us that there are almost no cribs in the warehouse at all. I was really frustrated by the whole experience, because it appeared that I knew more about cribs than the store employees. Dh and I want a convertible crib, and we had to explain that we knew the converter rails were special order items and did not come with the crib. It took a while to get the employees to understand.

I have been very frustrated by this turn of events. I'm ready to get the nursery together, and I feel as though we can't make much more progress, other than painting the walls, until we have the furniture. Dh is trying to tell me not to panic. He reminds me that Anastasia isn't due for four more months. Yet, I worry that she might come earlier than expected.

Dh called Wednesday night, and was told there are still no more cribs available. He tried to call for two hours on Friday, until he finally went to the store out of frustration. He informed two employees, one being the manager, that the phone was off the hook. They didn't believe him until the store manager tried to call the store from her cell phone. Yes, we're working with geniuses.

The manager, upon looking into our crib crisis, informed dh that crib we are interested in is not expected in the warehouse before Thanksgiving. She told him that we will need to call the store every day after Thanksgiving so that one can be ordered as soon as they make it into the warehouse. Let's hope the employees can actually manage to keep the phone on the hook.

There are two other stores in the area that dh and I should go look at. One is described as being smaller and more upscale, but it keeps crazy hours and will be very hard for dh and I to visit with our schedules. The other store is in an area dh and I seldom frequent, but we should be able to get over there and check out the baby furniture.

I'm just so frustrated! I feel like I had to work so hard just to get pregnant with this baby. I was often depressed as we experienced one failed cycle after another. Now we're having to work just as hard for a crib, and I find myself getting depressed all over again. I just want the perfect crib for our baby. Is that too much to ask for after having gone through IVF to get her?

On a happy note: dh and I have settled on Noelle as Anastasia's middle name. So, her initials will be ANN. I think it's kind of cute, and very alliterative. I love our little princess already.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Registering and Mini Panic Attacks

Just over a week ago my older SIL and I went to Babies R Us so that I could start making decisions about which items to select for Anastasia. We had so much fun, and were probably in the store for about four hours while I looked at everything. I ended up leaving with a chocolate colored diaper bag with a dragon print on it, a pale pink baby hat, and a baby book.

However, looking at baby gear has only fueled my insomnia. Now, I can't sleep because I worry about whether or not I have made the best choices. I spend hours reading reviews. I never thought I would be so stressed about making these decisions, but it seems like I feel that the nursery has to be *perfect* after waiting so long to get to this point.

Dh agreed to go with me last week to actually register, and I had him test multiple items trying to determine which would be easiest to use. I don't want to get a travel system that's going to leave me crying in the parking lot. I had liked the appearance of the Eddie Bauer models, but dh found them to be the most difficult to take apart and reassemble. We're currently registered for a stroller that costs in the ball park of $250, which is fueling my panic attacks. Dh could hardly believe we spent three and a half hours registering for baby items. I tried to remind him it took less time than an IUI.

I worry about what we are going to do if people don't drive across the baby to Babies R Us. More and more people are refusing to make the trip now that we have a new mall in our area. Babies R Us and Sam's Club are about the only major stores that we don't have. I freak out thinking about how expensive all of the baby items are, and it will be much harder to purchase a lot of it ourselves after paying for IVF out of pocket. I've now found another reason to be relieved that we are having a singleton, even though I still shed tears at the loss of one of our embryos.

I am happy to report that dh and I managed to agree on a crib set, and it's one that doesn't involve Winnie the Pooh or Snoopy. We have decided upon the Kids Line Pink Toile crib set. Now, I can't wait until we are able to start getting the nursery ready.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's a...

We had our big ultrasound this week. Dh was able to leave a little early for work in order to come to the appointment, which was exciting since dh hasn't been able to be at an ultrasound since the one at 7 weeks in the REs office. Since he started a new job this summer, we have been trying to conserve his vacation days for after the baby's birth. However, since no one else had booked an u/s at my doctor's office on 10/5, I was able to book the latest appointment possible. For once, it was nice to have appointments for the day booked around my schedule, and I suppose it couldn't have happened on a more important day.

Fortunately, the ultrasound tech was running late, because traffic in this area has been horrendous since Katrina. To make matters worse, road construction was being done in front of the hospital where dh works. Dh called to tell me that it just didn't look like he was going to make it to the appointment on time, since he works an hour away from home. I attempted to reassure him by telling him that the office is always behind schedule.

Thankfully, he arrived ten minutes before I was called back for the ultrasound. The technician always has the screen turned directly at her at first, and I can't see what is going on. However, dh was able to position himself where he could watch the screen the entire time. Of course, the baby has grown so much and developed so many new skills since 7 weeks. During the entire ultrasound, dh had the sweetest smile on his face as he watched our little one kick and flip in a wave on continuous motion. It's amazing how active the tiny tyke is when I rarely feel movement.

As much as dh wanted the gender of our baby to be a surprise, I believe he was resigned to the fact that I had to know. After all, we had waited more than three years for that very moment, and I wanted to decorate a nursery in colors other than yellow and green. Apparently our baby is not shy or modest at this time, since she was often wagging her behind in front of the screen.

So, yes, we are expecting a little girl! Now dh and I just have to agree on a middle name that will go well with Anastasia. I am thrilled!

My sister has a daughter who will turn six months old next week, so our daughters will only be about ten months apart. I am excited about the possibility that they could be close, especially since Anastasia is likely to be an only child. My parents are thrilled because they have only had girls, and now they will have another little princess to spoil. Little did I know that Anastasia is a family name on my father's side, so he just seems so pleased with our choice. Dh's parents are excited because there has never been a girl in their family. And my MIL's best friend is also expecting a granddaughter a week before us. I can already imagine them shopping together.

My SIL B and I went to Babies R Us yesterday. Dh was on call, and he's kept on the phone too much to really go anywhere until late Saturday afternoon. I was pleased that my sister and BIL were able to stop in for about 30 minutes to answer some practical questions I came up with while looking. I've narrowed down the list of items to look at for Anastasia to just a few choices in each category. I'm sure dh will stop by Babies R Us with me soon so we can make final decisions. I'm now so excited about preparing the nursery that I can hardly sleep.