Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update: It's Been a Year Since I Posted!

Yikes! Well, I am amazed that I haven't posted in a year. My job this past year was terrible. I was placed in a moldy classroom that didn't even have air conditioning or heat for about 6 weeks because it was broken. Yes, the problem was reported promptly. I was disgusted to call that portable my "office" after spending six years in school. I was sick for at least half of the school year and suffered from hoarseness. I couldn't even sing to my daughter, and that just really ticked me off. Since my students only attend my class for three or four hours a week, they didn't get sick and therefore there was nothing for the parents to complain about, so it seems.

I'm still hoping for a better job situation next year. I pray that something will work out.

My dh and I would love to have another child, but we're not going to attempt any more ART at this time. We're hoping for a "happy accident."

Our daughter is doing great. She is such a happy, cuddly girl. She turns tumblesaults, counts to three, and gives the best kisses ever. I am thrilled that we were blessed with her, and she is everything we could have ever dreamed of.

And I am pleased to say we have those dreaded 15 month shots behind us.